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We are two mothers who are concerned about the well being of Black mothers in our community. Far too often our pregnant and post partum mothers are given inaccurate support or none at all, leaving themselves and their babies at risk. What we hear from moms is simple, listen to us, value us, and give us the optimal maternal care that we deserve. Flourishing Families, Inc. is here to listen, provide resources, and be an advocate for Black mothers and their families in Stockton, CA.



FF Co-Founders, Ericka Dorsey and Tamesha Turner pictured here with Author and Irth App founder, Kimberly Seals Allers

tAMESHA turner, IBCLC 


“A mother may nurture a child, but it takes a village to make them Flourish.”


is the proud mother of three sons, a loving wife, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and full spectrum Doula. A 3rd generation Stocktonian, Tamesha has over 20 years of experience working with expectant and young families providing direct Lactation services.  The only African American Lactation Consultant practicing in San Joaquin County, she specializes in group education and advocacy for African American pregnant/breastfeeding women and their families. She is known for her passion for Black breastfeeding, collaborating with the local Black organizations and has a unique perspective having navigated the healthcare system as a teen mother in San Joaquin County. 

Tamesha has used her expertise as an IBCLC to consult with organizations on multiple projects to protect, promote and support breastfeeding, especially in the Black community. She has served as a mentor and educator for aspiring Lactation and Birth Worker Professionals across the state. She has fostered partnerships with the Black Infant Health Program, UCSD Lactation Education Extension program, California Breastfeeding Coalition, Public Health Advocates and Bebo Mia. She was recognized in 2018 by the California State Legislature for her work with African American Women in the San Joaquin County community as a Lactation Consultant and Health Advocate in Women’s and Children’s Health. She believes that Breastfeeding starts with cultivating a true village of support. 


Ericka Dorsey, m. Ed, CLEC

is a proud fourth-generation, former breastfeeding mother of three and has a deep desire to listen to and find solutions to increase breastfeeding rates for Black women and other vulnerable populations. She is also committed to amplifying the voices and stories of black women to both advocate for and inform local policies to ultimately foster improved maternal and child health outcomes and build stronger, holistically supported families. Ericka holds a master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education, a BS in Biology from Spelman College, and is a Certified Lactation Education Counselor. 

As a maternal and infant health consultant, she has contracted with organizations such as the California Breastfeeding Coalition to curate educational news and advocacy content through the Coalition’s social media platforms and Narrative Nation to assist in the development of a national promotional campaign for the Irth App, a new digital birth tracking app for birthing women of color. Having served as president of the San Joaquin County Breastfeeding Coalition for over two terms, Ericka enjoys participating in breastfeeding advocacy opportunities with several organizations at the state’s capitol. 

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Tamesha Turner 209-688-5287


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